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Jack Barclay, M.S.
Principal, Senior Wildlife Biologist
Direct: (831) 466-1786
Cell: (831) 588-7776
Fax: (831) 469-9137

Jack Barclay, cofounder of Albion Environmental, is a senior wildlife biologist, who specializes in the biology and conservation of burrowing owls; inventory and impact assessment of special-status wildlife species as defined by the California Environmental Quality Act and the Endangered Species Act; mitigation planning for special-status resources; and environmental compliance management of large, linear-facility construction projects.

Mr. Barclay has been a senior project manager for nearly ten years. Prior to his work in California, he spent eleven years at the Cornell University Laboratory of Ornithology as coordinator of the peregrine falcon reintroduction program for the eastern United States. He has published many articles on, and contributed chapters to books on, raptor biology, conservation, and management.

Over the last decade, Mr. Barclay has directed several large, wildlife survey and monitoring projects that have accompanied construction of major pipelines. These include the Mojave Pipeline Project (1991–92), the PGT–PG&E Pipeline Expansion Project (1992–93), and the Department of Water Resources Coastal Branch, Phase II Project (1993–97).

Mr. Barclay has managed the San Jose International Airport's bird monitoring program, which includes burrowing owl management since 1989. He authored a burrowing owl management plan for the airport that integrates long-term maintenance of the owl population with airport maintenance and development projects. He has also prepared citywide burrowing owl mitigation plans for the City of Morgan Hill and the City of San Jose.

Mr. Barclay organized and chaired the first California Burrowing Owl Symposium which was co-sponsored by the Western Section of The Wildlife Society in November 2003. The symposium included 30 papers about burrowing owl research, management, regional status and policy. He has been a member of the Bay Area Burrowing Owl Consortium since 1990 and was chairperson of the Burrowing Owl Mitigation Committee. This committee prepared the Burrowing Owl Survey Protocol and Mitigation Guidelines, which were submitted to the California Department of Fish and Game.

Download a free .pdf of the paper - Apparent polygynous nesting by burrowing owls, by John (Jack) H. Barclay and Sandra Menzel, published in the Journal of Raptor Research, 2011, Volume 45(1):98-100.

Download a free .pdf of the paper - A simple artificial burrow design for burrowing owls, by John (Jack) H. Barclay, published in the Journal of Raptor Research, 2008, Volume 42(1):53-57.

Download a free .pdf of the paper - A technique for nighttime trapping of burrowing owls with a bow net, by John (Jack) H. Barclay, published in the Journal of Raptor Research, 2008, Volume 42(2):142-148.

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