Senior Archaeologist

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Master’s Degree in Anthropology or Archaeology
  • Expertise in historical archaeology (preferably with additional experience in prehistoric archaeology)
  • Substantial experience directing field projects
  • Expertise in a technical specialty
  • Excellent communication and writing skills

Position Description:

The Senior Archaeologist possesses a minimum of an MA in Anthropology, with four to ten years technical experience. Education and work experience provides the employee with advanced knowledge in the field of Archaeology. Training and experience should include comprehension of CRM laws (CEQA, Section 106, and NAGPRA), formal training on a broad range of projects, a background in California history and/or prehistory, an understanding of applicable theoretical approaches to research, and familiarity with a range of archaeological skills including field and laboratory methods, analytical techniques, and writing abilities. The Senior Archaeologist is a leadership role. The employee is expected to professionally represent Albion to clients, subcontractors, and the public. They are also expected to help develop standards and expectations, mentor, supervise, and review performance of junior Archaeology staff. For this job opening, expertise in historic archaeology is required, and additional experience in prehistoric archaeology is highly preferred. Excellent communication and writing skills are also required.

The Senior Archaeologist has a technical specialty (e.g., faunal analysis, GIS), and applies their expertise on Albion proposals and projects. Employee has developed and practiced an experienced methodology for their specialized analyses (i.e., understands attributes, data recordation, and data analysis). Further, they are well versed in the literature related to their specialty, and have a firm grasp of relevant research themes and questions. They are encouraged to actively participate in professional development to continue to develop their expertise (stay up to date on recent literature, attend conferences, publish their work, etc.). They work closely with Principal Investigators and Project Managers in the preparation of project research designs, scopes, and budgets, related to the employee’s area of expertise. During the course of a project, they may make decisions regarding changes to project research design or scope of work related to their area of expertise, and communicate with other project staff concerning all changes that may occur. They lead laboratory teams related to their specialty, and are required to help develop the skill set of junior staff. The Senior Archaeologist has outstanding writing skills and effectively and efficiently authors the specialist’s section of a report (Methods and Results). They also work cooperatively with PIs to incorporate their ideas into discussion and interpretation report sections.

On field projects, the Senior Archaeologist is in a position of leadership, and is a seasoned Field Director. They direct and manage archaeological field crews in a collaborative way. They are expected to respectfully communicate with Albion staff, clients, other subcontractors, and the public, at all times. The Field Director is creative and respectful in their approach to problem solving, leadership, and conflict resolution. The Field Director works in unison with the PI and PM. They fully understand the scope of work, are responsible for executing excavation guidelines and strategies as dictated by the project PI, and adhere to established timelines and budgets. They also assist the PI/PM as requested with field logistics, such as attending construction or client meetings, coordinating with crew regarding field and laboratory schedules, communicating with Native American monitors and subcontractors regarding daily schedules, managing vehicles and equipment, managing day-to-day interactions with the public, and recognizing and appropriately addressing health and safety issues. The Field Director is accountable for documenting all data recovery efforts. They are well versed in data collection methods and technologies. They are also extremely organized and are able to effectively manage and organize those data in the field, as well as post-field work.

To Apply:

Send a letter of interest and CV to Cindy Convisser, Project Administrator at

Position is open until filled.